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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wedding | Our Menu Tasting Experience

Wedding: Our Menu Tasting Experience

Wednesday means one thing.. it's time for a wedding related blog post! I really hope you don't mind me including these on my blog, I know it's a far cry from my normal beauty posts but it's a very exciting time and I just love to share snippets of my experience with you. It will also be a lovely log for me to look back on in years to come.

Today's blog post is all about our menu tasting experience which my Fiance and I did a couple of months ago. It was a lot of fun! It started by us being greeted by a champagne reception at the castle followed by a 18 course meal...yes you did read that right! We thought we would just get a taster of each course but when they turned up we actually got full size meals including sides!

We were taken to our table which was in the room we refer to as the 'dancing room' in the castle as that will be where we will having our band on the night of the wedding. There were ten couples in total but we each had our own space which was nice because there was no need for small talk or awkwardness if we weren't too keen on a particular dish.

The first thing we noticed as we sat down was the huge spread of cutlery on the table. We had a fresh set for each meal so as you can imagine the display was huge and something we'll probably never see again. After a short talk and some wine the dishes started appearing and we got to see everything exactly as it would be presented at the wedding. We both thought the experience would be good but we didn't think we would enjoy the night as much as we did and we thoroughly enjoyed trying the delicious food, writing our notes on the sheets provided and having a good laugh. 

Before going to the tasting we had seen the menu so had made a decision on every course. We were able to either pick one meal from each course for all of our guests or select three options for them to choose from. We decided to do the latter as I didn't mind doing the extra organising to co-ordinate it and it's nice to give our family and friends a choice. Despite this, we were surprised to have changed our minds after tasting the meals so it was lucky we did get to try them all in advance!

Our Chosen Menu


Wild Mushroom Veloute
Bloody Mary Jelly


Trio  of Salmon - poached salmon, smoked salmon and salmon mousse with caper dressing
Confit wild rabbit gnocchi and pancetta salad with mustard cress
Peppered chevre cheese with soused tomato, shallots and orange dressing


Rack of lamb with minted sauce
Sirloin of Beef with Bordelaise Sauce
Duo of duck - confit leg and seared breast


Trio of chocolate - chocolate and pecan torte, white chocolate mousse and sticky brownie
Trio of English desserts - Eton mess, dark chocolate tart and lemon posset
English cheese plate - Stilton, Somerset Brie and Grandma Singleton's with homemade English apple chutney and charcoal biscuits

What would you choose from our wedding menu?

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  1. Oh they sound amazing I would choose the gnocci starter, lamb main and Eton mess. Wow that actually sounds like the perfect meal to me.


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