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Friday, 3 July 2015

Tutorial | How To Make Your Nails Stronger

How to Make Your Nails Stronger

Over the years I've always struggled with my nails because they are so fragile. It seems as soon as I got them to a length I was happy with one would break and it would start a domino affect. Before I knew it they had all broken and I was back to square one which gets very frustrating! At times my nails are so fragile they are also pretty bendy which means they are even more likely to snag and break so this year I decided enough was enough and I'd try some new ways to make them stronger and healthier. They are by no means the perfect nails but there is definitely an improvement so I thought I would share my tips with you in case any one else has been struggling with weak nails like I have!

1) Hard as Nails - I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails weekly which has definitely helped strengthen them. I apply 1-2 coats depending on whether I am going to apply other nail polish over the top. Make sure you apply it all over your nail, including the edges and let it dry properly between coats.

2) Don't pick your nail varnish - I have a bad habit of picking my nail varnish when I am stressed and I've come to the conclusion it is making my nails weaker because I'm pretty sure it often takes off some of the nail too. This is definitely a no no when it comes to getting healthier nails!

3) Don't pick your nails - If you want strong and long nails don't pick them! It's not something I do but it's an important one to note because it will weaken your nails and make them look uneven.

4) Weekly manicures - I do a weekly manicure which at first started off to be a bit of a chore but after seeing the results week on week I actually began to look forward to it. Included in my mani I remove my nail polish, buff, file and clip my nails, reapply hard of nails and my nail polish.. done!

5) File your nails - I mention filing my nails above but I think it has really helped. My nails look so much better having a defined shape and the more you do it the easier it is. Remember to only file your nails in one direction and have one in your bag to file any snagged nails that occur while your out.

6) Apply nail polish - This is a controversial one as some people say that nail polish makes their nails break more but for me it's the opposite. I found whenever I had chips that's exactly where my nails break so now I always make sure my nails are completely covered in polish. If I get a chip during the day I make sure I touch it up or reapply the varnish to the whole nail as soon as I can and it's definitely prevented getting breaks!

Following the above has made my nails look and feel far healthier and stronger. I'm by no means an expert but these are things I've have done and what has helped me! 

What are your tips for stronger, healthier nails?

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  1. Need to stop picking my nail polish ! x

  2. I've had the same struggles! My nails peel as well. Regular manicures and putting a good base coat on definitely helps. I need to find myself a really nice strengthening one!

  3. I agree with the hard as nails.


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