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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wedding | Summer Pampering

Harrods The Moroccan Hammam Urban Retreat Spa

As my wedding day is fast approaching something I have been thinking about more and more is some well deserved pampering. By this I don't mean chilling at home with the television on doing a manicure, laying in the bath enjoying a hair mask or applying your own facial but instead a more in depth relaxation experience. I'm talking about a spa.

There's something about walking into a spa that instantly relaxes me. They have a calming ambiance that makes my stresses melt away which lets me truly unwind. Combine that with one of my all time favourite shops and I'm in heaven.

The Urban Retreat Moroccan Hammam Spa isn't a place I have visited yet but is definitely somewhere I intend to go. Based in the popular Knightsbridge area in London it's easy to get to and the treatments sound gorgeous. It is a female only space and the handcraft environment resembles regal Morocco which I think sounds lovely. I love that it's more unique than your typical spa and it feels more cultural and luxurious.

On arrival, at The Moroccan Hammam you experience three different rooms starting with a warm room to acclimatise your body to the heat. Following this you move onto the main hot hammam area where you are treated to a luxury cleansing and bathing ritual followed by a trip to the decadent lounge area to fully relax and enjoy some Moroccan tea which aims to restore and balance your fluid levels.

As well as this unique start to your pampering, The Moroccan Hamman also offers the more recognisable treatments such as massages and facials and I love the sound of their packaging. The half day Moroccan Hammam experience sounds amazing as you get a manicure, pedicure, blow dry, makeup application, massage and Indulgent Hammam plus afternoon tea or lunch.... it sounds incredible!

Without fail, in the run up to the wedding I will taking a trip to a spa so I can have a few hours to relax in the run up. It's easy to get tied up with everything that needs to be done and feel swamped - a feeling which is becoming more and more familiar of late and a relaxing spa visit is the perfect cure to relieve that.

If you fancy a trip to the Urban Retreat Moroccan Hamman Spa at Harrods take a look at their website for more details. Also, to find out more about what the Urban Retreat services and processes take a look at their website.

What is your favourite way to pamper?
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  1. When I'm feeling stressed my favorite way to pamper is with a facial!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. Love this! I had to go for the DIY option in the run up to my wedding last year, would have loved this though. Hope you enjoy :)

  3. It does look and sound pretty amazing and I also feel instantly relaxed as soon as I walk into a spa x

  4. As walking into a spa relaxes the whole body similarly Walk in baths can instantly relax you. They have a calming ambiance that makes my stresses melt away which lets me truly unwind. Combine that with one of my all time favourite shops and I'm in heaven.

  5. The treatment room should be maintained as lovely as the rest of The Shed, with the same calming Green & Spring fragrances filling the air, and a down-to-earth, homely feel about the place. With the lights dimmed and some relaxing music on before you walk in baths to have a massage.


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