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Monday, 26 October 2015

Beauty | Pampering in the Run Up to Christmas - Part 1 Laser Hair Treatment

Laser Hair Treatment
Christmas is fast approaching and I love nothing more than some pampering during the festive season.  This has given me inspiration for a new series of blog posts which will feature something related to pampering.  The first feature is Laser Hair Treatment which is something I haven't used before but have thought about trying as it's a more long term alternative to shaving, waxing or plucking. Laser hair removal is also said to be more cost effective as eventually the hair doesn't grow back.

Laser hair removal is pretty much what it says on the tin. It involves using a laser device on the skin which targets individual hairs that you  want to get rid of. Both men and women can have such treatment with popular areas on the  body for females being the upper lip, under arm, bikini areas and the legs; while side burns, chest, back and abdomen are the favoured areas for men.

A hand-held laser device is fired directly onto the skin into the hair itself. The energy emitted from the laser is attracted to the pigment in your hair and subsequently goes down through  the hair into the root of the follicle. This energy then essentially damages the follicle so that hair cannot regrow from it. Your hair goes through several stages when it grows and the best time to have laser hair removal is during what’s known as the ‘Anagen Phase’. This is when the root is thick and makes the laser more effective as the follicle is darker and will attract more of the laser’s energy.

There are home kits available but also experts who can run the treatment for you over a number of sessions. Personally if I was to do this I would rather go to a professional who has experience in thai field and can give advice as well as monitor how the treatment is going.

It has been interesting researching more about laser hair removal and it is definitely something I want to look into more. It isn't something that is quick fix but it is definitely the modern alternative to hair removal and a treatment which is becoming more popular. Given the long term time and cost benefits I think this is a hair removal method more and more people will turn too, especially those that lead such busy lives and could do with any spare moments they can get. It would even make things like going on holiday much simpler as the necessity to shave/wax etc during your stay wouldn't be needed.

What pampering will you be doing in the run up to Christmas?

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  1. Here I have t even thought about it beause of the so warm weather.still summer!
    Wish you fab week!


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