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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Advertisers | April Advertisers

April Advertisers

Hello Beauties!  It's almost the end of April and that means it is time to introduce you to the advertisers who have been featured in my sidebar for the past month. I hope you have already had a peak at their blogs but it's not too late if you haven't. Take a look and you won't be disappointed!

Please let me introduce my April Advertisers....

Advertiser: Beky Lou

BekyLou is a Fashion and Beauty blog that I write alongside my full time job. I put as much time and energy into it as I can and absolutely love doing it. I write everything from reviews, Outfit of the days, nail of the days and lifestyle posts where I just like to have a chat and give my opinion. Giveaways are also a regular on my blog where you can win anything from the newest product release, some of my favourite goodies and recently there was even a giveaway to win tickets to the Premiere of Divergent in London. I'd love it if you could take a peep and give me a follow!

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Advertiser: Dulcie's Beauty Blog

Dulcie’s Beauty Blog – A Beauty and Lifestyle blog where I share my beauty favourites and my reviews of products I’ve tried and products I’ve liked. Make-up is my thing, with nails as a close second.  Created with inspiration from my beautiful friends, the blog features my make-up looks and outfits, nail polish favourites and skin care picks. A creative space, Dulcie’s Beauty Blog brings beauty products, style and fun together.

Advertiser: A Scottish Lass

Laura, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger from North East Scotland.   I am a coffee drinking, mother of 2 wife of 1.. (lol).   Lipstick lover - never usually seen without a bright red lip.  A fan of all things sparkly.  'A Scottish Lass' is my night time retreat, a place I can share my loves and meet new friends. You will find an array of different posts on my blog, normally beauty lustings but a few lifestyle posts in there too.

Holy Grails
Some of my Holy Grail products are :  YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, Mac 'Constructivist' paint pot & Clarins Flash Balm.  

Favourite Shops
Boots, Sephora (when given the chance) & Oasis

online - Selfridges,

Celebrity Crush - Bradley Cooper

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Advertiser: Topdraw Fashion

Hello, I am Anna-Maria the writer of Topdraw Fashion. I believe fashion, beauty and fitness alls rom together and this is what my blog is all about. I love bringing you guys fashion tips, amazing beauty finds and fitness tips and tricks. I post every other day, and sometimes more if i can and along with this i have just started a youtube channel. At the end of every week I do a ‘Deal of the Week’ post where I find 5 of the best deals for you and where to find them. Hope you stop by and follow my journey here.

Advertiser: Owners of Style

Owners of Style is where you can find up to minute affordable women's fashion  trends.  Offering you the very latest styles Owners of Style brings the high street delivered directly to the comfort you of your hone, we have something to suit everybody and every style from celebrity inspired looks to formal and informal outfits. With Spring/Summer just around the corner updating your wardrobe couldnt' be any more friendlier to your purse.

Advertiser: Scottish Stef's Nails

Hey everyone!I'm Stef from and I am really excited to be featured in Kimberley's post! My blog documents my polish discoveries including swatches and reviews of polishes and nail products. I also post about easy nail art designs that I would like to think that everyone can have a go at. The nail art designs I write about are usually quite expressive rather than precise and intricate so you don't have to worry about whether your nails looks perfect. I love a good beauty/fashion tag post too! Hopefully you will be able to find inspiration from some of the polishes in my blog if you are ever feeling bored with your nails. I love interacting with all the lovely bloggers out there so feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me anytime!

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Advertiser: Michael 84

Michael 84 is a men's fashion and lifestyle blog. You can read my style and trend tips for men, as well as my fragrance reviews. You'll find daily posts on a typical guy's life including my nights out in my city of Newcastle

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Advertiser: Just Ems

Hi I'm Emma, a 32 year old red-head and lover of shoes, food and shopping. Like most girls, I have struggled with my weight and love of food for my entire teenage and adult life, with the food always winning the battle over being skinny! After countless of failed attempts to lose weight, I've finally realised that the best way is to have a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and regular exercise. Join me and my love/hate relationship with my scales as I battle with my junk food addiction and work towards becoming a healthier person, inside and out whilst following the principles of eating clean :)

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wedding | Makeup and Hair Trials

Wedding Makeup and Hair Trials

Naturally, being a beauty blogger a big part of my wedding day is having the perfect hair and make-up. I've been feeling a little worried about this because in the past I haven't been too keen on how people have applied my makeup particularly around my eyes and the experience has felt pretty uncomfortable until I see the finished results. I've even been very tempted at times to do my make-up myself on the day because I know exactly what make-up I would use but my friends advised against it because it would be stress free if it's something I don't need to think about on an already very busy morning.

Also, with my hair, I'm yet to find a hairdresser who blow dries and styles it exactly as I want it with lasting results so again I was feeling a little anxious about this side of things. I didn't have the option of doing it myself though as the hairstyle I'd like is too complex so the hunt was on for a hairdresser who specialises in wedding hair.

Hair Trials

I started looking for a hairdresser that did bridal hair before considering makeup and initially looked at a local salon my friend used for her wedding as I loved her hair and it stayed in place all day and evening.  However, the experience wasn't anything like I expected. They messed me around a lot by not being able to provide details about availability and price and sadly promised to ring me back twice but didn't so I gave up and searched elsewhere. After ringing around lots of local places I settled on one I was familiar with as I'd been there several years before to have my hair cut. 

I went for a hair trial a few weeks later and had lots of photo's with me.. I'd done a lot of research so had a very good idea of what I was after. Sadly, the experience wasn't very good, though. I felt rushed and unimportant plus pretty uncomfortable which wasn't what I wanted at all. The style also didn't look like I'd expected and it fell out as I was sitting in the chair... not very impressive at all.

The search continued....

Makeup Trials

I've actually only had one make-up trial but it was a very exciting one. Funnily enough my brother actually found the make-up artist through speaking with friends about the wedding down the pub and one of them mentioned they knew a lady who did the make-up on the recently launched Cinderella film as well as the TV series Dancing On Ice, Strictly Come Dancing and many others. As you can imagine, I was very excited to meet her.

A couple of weeks later I arranged not only a make-up trial but a hair trial too after being pleasantly surprised the make-up artist had experience in this too. After three and a half hours (there was a lot of chatting going on) my hair and make-up was complete and I loved it. She had listened to everything I had said, taken into account the pictures of my favourite styles and also incorporated some changes that fit my fairytale theme perfectly. My make-up was also lovely as it was natural and not too unlike my every day makeup but something a little more special. Needless to say I booked her!

As my friends read my blog I can't go into too many details about my chosen makeup and hair style or include pictures but I definitely will do a re-cap of this post to show you what they looked like as well as photo's from the wedding day as well of course!

What did you think of this post?
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Friday, 17 April 2015

Review | Jo Malone Fragrance Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede
Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

One of my favourite luxury brands for candles and fragrance is Jo Malone so I was very excited by my most recent purchase which is the Peony & Blush Suede Cologne.

The packaging of the Jo Malone Fragrances are classic rectangular cut glass which is very elegant and simple. I like this no fuss look much better than some other fragrance bottles on the market and it suits the market and price of this high end product well.

When I bought the Peony and Blush Suede fragrance I struggled to decide which one to buy as there were three that I really liked, namely Pomegranet Noir and their latest release Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I chose this one in the end because it smells elegant, sophisticated and can be worn both during the day and evening.

Without fail every time I wear this fragrance my Fiance comments on how nice it is and asks which one I'm wearing. It smells sweet but not overpowering and has a feminine soft floral twist too. It's like Summer in a bottle. The ingredients include peony, red apple, jasmine, rose, gilly flower and blush suede. It is simply beautiful.

Peony and Blush Suede is one my favourite fragrances and I reach for it most days at the moment however it does have one downside. Sadly, it isn't very long lasting and after a few hours I can't smell it at all. Therefore it's a must to have a travelo with you so you can top it up if you need to. For the price this is pretty disappointing but I can see past it because the fragrance is gorgeous.

Priced at £82.00 for 100ml the Jo Malone fragrances are very expensive but they are beautiful. There are a number I would love to have in my collection but I do wish they were longer lasting.

What is your favourite fragrance?
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wedding | 10 Truths About Wedding Planning

The Truth About Wedding Planning

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and if you based in the UK have been enjoying the lovely weather we have been having. It's been great to have some blue skies and the sun shining! Fingers crossed it carries on into September and we are lucky with the weather for the wedding!

Wedding planning is something I love and although there have been a few stressful parts to it so far I will really miss it when it's over. Every weekend I enjoy being able to spend time planning the next stages and it's exiting making bookings! The wedding is just five months away which has come around extremely quickly and I've learnt a lot along the way about what wedding planning is really like in reality. Here is the truth about wedding planning!

1. It Takes Over Your Life

Planning a wedding however intimate or large is a big task and from the word go it takes over your life. Even though my Fiance and I had a good idea of what we wanted before we even got engaged every weekend and some evenings are completely taken over with wedding planning. Whether it be researching, responding to people or attending appointments there is always an endless list things to do.

This really surprised me because we have been very organised and have been pretty quick at making most decisions so although I thought a lot of our time would be taken up with planning I didn't expect it to be quite so much. It's definitely a challenge having a full time job, wedding planning and blogging!

2. Decision, Decisions, Decisions

It seems obvious but wedding planning involves making a continuous amount of decisions which isn't always easy. You need to be prepared to make them reasonably quickly too, particularly if your wedding is less than a year away. The decisions range from big to small such as what venue should you choose and what dress will you wear to how should the napkins be folded. Believe me, you'll be asked to confirm absolutely everything which for me is ideal as I'm a perfectionist!

3. Organisation

To plan a wedding successfully I honestly think you need to be organised. You need to have a list of things to do either yourself or delegate to other people who are happy to help otherwise you'll find it very hard to keep on top of things.

I have a wedding planner that I can keep papers in as well as write notes and dates as well as a gorgeous personalised notepad one of my Maid's of Honour got me. I also make lots of lists in an app on my phone and have a couple of storage boxes full of magazines, paperwork and bits and bobs I have bought in preparation for the big day.

Being organised is also important because I've noticed wedding related things take a lot longer than you would expect. For example, my dress is taking 6 months to arrive because the designer is in the US (I went to a London store), my shoes are taking a month for the same reason and my accessories three months. You need to leave yourself plenty of time to search for your dream items and order them without feeling rushed. You also need to plan for things such as your shoes arriving in time for your dress fittings!

It is also good to be organised and attend wedding fairs as early on in the process as possible. I've been to a few which I have enjoyed a lot but would have been pointless if I had been further along in the planning process as you'll find a lot of the stalls are repetitive so if you have a photographer, wedding dress, entertainment etc you won't need to look at them.

4. Research is Key

After attending a number of different appointments every time I have been extremely relieved I spent the time doing lots of research online and asking friends before attending. I have been shocked by the amount of companies who don't really give you any guidance and they just expect you to know what you want and even request to see pictures there and then. Pinterest is an amazing source to use! Lucky I did all this but if I hadn't I would have been completely lost and I wouldn't have got as much out of the appointments.

5. Addictive

I don't know about anyone else but I find wedding planning to be really addictive. I guess this is because I love it so much. I could quite easily spend a whole day researching dresses or flowers or hairstyles etc and often the hours have run away with me!

6. Time to Be a Wedding Expert

Something I have found suprising and a little overwhelming about wedding planning is that as soon as you are engaged suddenly a lot of people seem to think you are the expert on weddings. You are expected to know about photography, videography, music, vows, rings, flowers etc and most companies have offered little advice. 

You need to know what questions to ask before you go to appointments too as I've found I haven't been openly given information about anything so you need to think carefully about what you need to know. If you don't ask.... they won't tell you!

 Also, you need to work out exactly what you need do when such as register your marriage, get your banns read and so on as again in my experience none of the professionals have given any guidance on this. Luckily friends and family have been able to help us out on that side of things and there are also lists available online and plenty of wedding books on the market but I would definitely make sure you put in the time to understand what you need to do because if you are waiting on your wedding planner to advise you it probably will never happen!

7. Negotiation isn't Easy

A lot of wedding shows say to negotiate on price as you'll get discounts but it's really not as easy as you think. After seeing past the embarrassment of doing it (I get so shy) most people say no and won't budge an inch. Instead I've found it better to shop around so you can get the best price. I guess this one just comes down to luck though!

8. It's All in the Details

Once you've ticked the big things off your list like date, venue and cake etc next you need to think of the smaller details. One way we are doing this is by including some personalised touches during the day as well as some surprises for our guests.

In the details you can also add hints of your theme and let your personalities show through to make it a wedding to remember.

9. Chase, Chase, Chase

Believe it or not most of our wedding planning time is spent chasing people. I've lost count of the amount of companies who need constant chasing to come back with information even before we have booked them! I've been by surprised by this as there are so many different ones on the market I would have thought the customer service would be good so you don't go to a competitor but that isn't always the case!

10. Money

Everyone knows weddings are expensive but I have been shocked by how much. At the beginning of the process we tried to put together some kind of budget spreadsheet which was a challenge as it's tricky to find prices for guidance and often lots of things for weddings are bespoke such as flowers and photography. When we did this we added extra onto each item and thought overall we'd been pretty generous with most things.. turns out we wasn't!

I would suggest to to work out how much you think something will be, add a bit more and double it.. you'll probably be closer to the actually price. Of course it depends on the kind of things you are booking and what kind of look you are after, though. For example, you can reduce the cost of flowers by picking those which are in season so are more readily available and having smaller arrangements. It really depends what you want!

What did you think of today's post?
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Review | Fleur de Force - The Glam Guide

Fleur de Force The Glam Guide

One of the most well known beauty bloggers and Youtubers is Fleur de Force who is actually the first person I ever started watching. I really like Fleur as she is down to earth and no matter the type of video is happy and comfortable to be herself. It's nice to see she is happy to be on camera without makeup and I've found all the products she has raved about I have loved. Fleur is one of the bloggers who I trust enough to just see her review and then buy something.

A few weeks ago, my Fiance came home with a surprise which was Fleur's first book called The Glam Guide which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. The book is split into different chapters including makeup, fashion, hair, health and fitness, body image and relationship and each has several short and sweet sections. That's one of the things I love about this book. It covers lots of chapters and it quick and fun to read because it gets to the point and is full of bundles of useful tips.

The photo's and illustrations in the book are also gorgeous. They is fun and girly and really make this book come to life. I also love the use of colour as it makes every page look different and the sections pop which makes you want to read it.

The Glam Guide would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves fashion and makeup or beginners.

You can buy The Glam Guide from a variety stores. It is priced at £7.49 on Amazon.

What did you think of The Glam Guide?
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Friday, 3 April 2015

Review | Essie Allure and Eternal Optimist Nail Polish

Essie Allure and Eternal Optimist
Essie Allure and Eternal Optimist
Essie Allure and Eternal Optimist

When I went to the National Wedding Show at the end of February they had a Essie stand which was filled with more polishes than I have ever seen. It was lovely to be able to look at the different shades but I was instantly drawn to a duo packaged neatly in a box as they are my wedding colours - pink and white/ivory.

One of the polishes in the duo is a blush pink called Eternal Optimist which was the first one that caught my eye. It is a pale neautral shade which is described as spiced tea rose with a splash of cream. The formula of this one is lovely. With just two coats you get a flawless finish and when combined with Seche Vite as a top coat after five days it hasn't chipped at all. This polish was worn by Millie Mackintosh on her wedding day and I can see why.. it's  very pretty neutral shade which is perfect for Spring and Summer.

The second polish is Allure which was worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. I thought it was funny I unknowingly chose a nail polish Kate wore as of often told I look like her! Anyway, this polish is a very pale pink, in fact it is the palest polish I own. It some lights it looks off white but in others you can see the hint of pink which is very pretty. The formula of this polish isn't as good as Eternal Optimist. It's far thinner and even after three coats you can still see the white tips of my nails underneath which won't appeal to everyone. Again, when combined with top coat it easily stays chip free for several days.

If you want to buy this duo which funnily enough is known as the bridal duo you can purchase it for £12.00 from Boots

What do you think of Essie Allure?
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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fashion | Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Black Leather Cross Body Bag

Michael Kors Bag
Michael Kors Bag
Michael Kors Bag
Michael Kors Bag

My favourite places to shop in London are the large department stores such as Harvey Nichols. There is something about them which makes me feel relaxed and content but I can never quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe the open spaces, gorgeous fragrances that fill the air or the huge selection of products are available are the reason or maybe the friendly staff, elegant displays and gorgeous brands. Either way it's a place I have always enjoyed going to and I don't think that will be changing any time soon!

Harvey Nichols stocks one of my all time favourite accessory brands and that is Michael Kors. The reason why I love this brand is that the quality of the products is incredible, the designs beautiful and the price reasonable. In fact when I'm looking for a new handbag without fail Michael Kors is the first place I look at.

The latest Michael Kors handbag I have added to my collection is the *Jet Set Travel Black Leather Cross Body Bag. The size of this bag is great to use during the day to hold essentials or the evening as it's design and colour mean it is very versatile. I have used it in the evening teamed with a blue and white polka dot dress, black tights, heels and a black cardigan but also with jeans and a pretty floral top during the day. Although it's small in size (6x5x2) this bag also holds a lot more than you think so I can easily get all my essentials in it plus a few extra's too. I love the sturdy shape and textured saffiano leather.

The cross body bag is jet black with pretty gold detailing on the logo, zip and straps which really pop. I just love this combination at the moment and I keep reaching for it whether it be accessories, dresses or even makeup brushes! Going back to the design, the straps are thin and delicate so it compliments outfits nicely without being overpowering and I love the same textured material which matches the main bag itself. Hidden inside is an internal slip pocket as well as four cards slots too which is brilliant because you can use them to  store items you want to access quickly.

The Jet Set Travel Michael Kors bag finishes off outfits really nicely and is amazing quality. I can definitely see me using it a lot all throughout the year and a few friends have already commented on how nice it is. As well as black it is available in other colours too so if you want something a little more jazzy then there is something for everyone.

If you want to purchase this gorgeous Michael Kors bag it it available in store or online at Harvey Nichols for £110.00.
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