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Friday, 15 April 2016

Review | Lush Beautiful Shower Gel

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel

It's been a while since a properly reviewed any products on my blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying Lush products as always. One of the most recent products I have tried is the aptly named 'Beautiful' Shower Gel and it's a good one.

'Beautiful' is a very pretty rich orange/yellow shower gel which has flecks of pretty glitter dotted throughout it. They are so fine they give that extra bit of sparkle which makes this product feel extra special without them being overpowering and leaving you looking like a disco ball (they leave no shimmer at all). Perfect for brightening up those early mornings!

The texture of this shower gel is very thick so you only need to use a little at a time to get a good lather and it smells delicious. The mixture of fresh peach juice, dried apricots and osmanthus absolute creates a sweet yet fresh and slightly floral scent which is just perfect for Spring and Summer!

My friend kindly bought me this shower gel as a gift and I'm so pleased she introduced me to it as it's lovely. It makes a nice alternative to my old favourite Snow Fairy and I would definitely repurchase it.

If you want to purchase the Lush Beautiful Shower gel it is available in Lush stores for a variety of prices depending on the price. The one I have photographed here is the medium size and is £9.75.

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel
What do you think of the Lush Beautiful shower gel?
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  1. Lovely review!
    I ve never had the chance to test the brand.
    But would love to..

  2. Thank you Helena, I'm really glad you liked the review.

    Lush products are lovely, I hope you get to try them one day x

  3. This is one Lush shower gel that I've not actually tried! I also love Snow Fairy but my real favourite is It's Raining Men :) I'll definitely try to remember to pick this one up next time I'm in a Lush shop, though - I always get the small size as I find they last for ages! x

    1. Ooo yes, It's Raining Men is a good one too!

      Hope you enjoy 'Beautiful' when you try it, let me know what you think!

      I agree, although they are pricey compared to come other high street brands they do last ages!

      Enjoy! X

  4. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! I love Lush, I can never leave without buying something haha xx


  5. I am a fan of Lush and this shower gel is an amazing product too. The smell is great!

  6. Peach juice- yum! I bet it smells good enough to eat! x

  7. I have not tried this Lush shower gel as of yet but the fragrance sounds like something that would be heavenly to shower with and the glitter just makes it extra special.

  8. I love Lush! Especially bath bombs!

  9. Love Lush - especially the Snow Fairy range :D

  10. I love Lush and this sounds like something I would want to try.

  11. Really love this awesome brand! :-D the scent seems amazing

  12. lovely review! I love lush!

  13. Oo I like the sound of this shower gel I'll have to give it a try, great review!

    Ella xx

  14. I haven't tried this but it sounds lovely, I might just add this to my wishlist :)

  15. I've used this one and i was a great experience... of course i'll try again :D

  16. This sounds like a lovely product! Great review.. just might need to pick this one up!

  17. I am such a fan of LUSH! :D

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