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1 // What camera do you use to take your blog photo's?

Until January 2013 I just used my ipad to take photo's for my blog.  This works well if you can get the right lighting.  Since January I have Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ21 which is a pretty standard compact camera.  This camera takes great photo's if the lighting is good but the battery life is a little disappointing.

2 // Do you edit your photo's? If you do, what program do you use?

I use a program called Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Pro X to edit my photo's.  I try do edit them as little as possible as I want to give the most honest representation of the product as possible.  Sometimes all I do is crop an image.

3 // Who designed your layout?

My layouts are mostly designed by myself but my latest one was designed by the lovely Stacey at Beautiful Solutions.

4 // Do I accept PR samples and can you advertise on my blog?

Yes, I do accept PR samples and I do allow people to advertise their blog or company on my site as long as they fit in with my content.  More information can be found here. Note: there is a small monthly fee for advertisements.

5 // Can I request a post?

Yes, I would love to hear your suggestions :).  Just pop me an email!


Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I read every single one of them and reply as often as I can.

If you have a question and want a quick answer please send me a tweet @kimberleyj77 and I will reply asap!

Kimberley x

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